Sutton Tools Promotion

Sutton Tools bring you the latest Offers from there cutting tools range.

  • 8 Pieces of Gun Taps and viper plus drill set
  • Spiral taps and drill set
  • Chamfer Tools Set
  • Carbide Endmill set



Iscar New Products

Iscar have now released there new products for 2020 these include

  • Iso Turning Systems
  • Hole Making Systems
  • Grip Systems
  • Milling Systems
  • Adaption Systems
  • Insert Materials

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Kyocera Dynamic Boring Bar offer

Kyocera are pleased to offer an unbeatable offer on a range of Boring bars to suite your needs.

  • Tool Holder design through stress analysis
  • Large Chip Pocket
  • better swarf control and surface finish
  • chip evacuation direction
  • Max structural thickness for high tool holder rigidity.
  • Each set comes with x10 inserts for a range of cutting materials.


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KDG Groove and Turning System Offer

KYOCERA bring you a Unbeatable deal on Grooving and Turning Kits 50% Lower Than the leading brands

  • Flat Insert Kits
  • Full Radius Inserts
  • Excellent chip control performance for a variety of chipbreakers lineup
  • High Precision cutting edge
  • Longer Tool Life
  • reliable and stable machining


HPMT are pleased to offer this amazing deal of a range of carbide Endmills to suite your cutting needs.

  • 2,3,4 flute Endmills available
  • Gash land Design significantly improves strength and provide great chip resistance
  • For material applications <35 HRC
  • Suitable for medium and high speed wet and dry machining.
  • Good for machining steel and hardness up to HRC 52
  • superior coating to reduce friction
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Kyocera Turning Kit Promotion

Kyocera bring a unbeatable Deal on Turning Kits where you can buy 1 Tool holder and get x10 Inserts

  • Steel Kits
  • Stainless Steel kits
  • Heat Resistant alloys Kits
  • Aluminium Kits
  • Left and Right Tool holders available
  • other Turning Kits available upon request

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we are pleased to show you the latest range of catalogs from Iscar

  • Milling Tools
  • Milling Inserts
  • Hole Making Tools
  • Tooling Systems
  • Materials & Grades
  • Iso Tools and Inserts
  • Groove Turn
  • Threading Tools
  • Tooling Materials & Grades


SGS are pleased to bring you the latest catalog from their carbide cutting tools range.

  • High Performance End Mills
  • High Performance Aluminum End Mills
  • General Purpose End Mills
  • High Performance Drills
  • General Purpose Drills
  • Routers
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Kyocera £1 MM Deal MFPN Series Mill

An Unbeatable Range of Indexable Mill cutters The MFPN45 series features a highly effective 45 degree face mill with very strong pentagonal inserts with positive cutting angles. The result is effective machining.

  • £1.00 Per mm Body Deal with specified inserts on brochure for Deal
  • 10- cornered inserts for lower costs
  • Wiper edge for better surface
  • Excellent chip control
  • Diameters Range from 50-80 MM for shank- type cutter and 63-250 MM for arbor -mounted cutter
  • 10 cutting edges per insert
  • 4 different chipbreakers and 5 wiper grades

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DRV Indexable Drill Offer

Kyocera Bring You an Unbeatable Offer on the DRV Indexable Drill.
  • 2D to 6D Drilling Lineup and 4 types of chipbreakers for various machining applications
  • High Speed and highly efficient machining available with combination of a CVD out insert and PVD inner insert
  • highly rigid design with chattering resistance
  • Purchase 10 x inner inserts + 10 x Outer Inserts + Drill Body to receive Ceramic Knife

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